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Pergolas & Carports

A to Z Pergolas and carports are made to order and fabricated with high grade structural aluminium and components . This choice makes A to Z Pergolas or Carports strong, durable but light weight to withstand New Zealand’s Harsh and coastal conditions for many year to come requiring minimal maintenance.

We ensure the design complements your home any shape and any size - curved pergolas, gable Rrof or a mono pitch - commonly known as flat style. We also offer a large range of option to clade your pergola or carport , corrugated polycarbonate, flat glaze or fabric skin to select from with defendant colours, light or heat transmission .

A to Z pergolas and carport all have 99% UV protection from our beautiful Bay of plenty sun. No job is too big or too small - A to Z Pergolas and Carports have an outdoor display of our products accessible at all hours. We offer an onsite quotation service. During this process we will help you with a choice of style and colours, drawing on our knowledge and years of experience. We will create an effective solution and ensure that your pergola or carport blends seamlessly with your home and will not look like an "add on".

A to Z Pergolas and Carports are TIG welded with 6mm connecting plates that are pre drilled and bolted, not tek screwed or riveted like some other products on the market, making it strong and durable to withstand high wide zones and coastal conditions while also giving you options for DIY or movability.

Once your custom made pergola or carport is manufactured you have the option to select from a wide range of Dulux powder coating colours to match your home, giving it a seamless connection.

The framework will undergo a pre-treatment with chromate solution and is then powder coated with your selected colour.


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