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eco-logic Solar energy kit

  • ECO-LOGIC is the V2 system to power 24V automations with just solar energy
  • This system allows the automation of installations that are very far from the mains, without excavation works
  • The panel converts the solar light into electric energy, stored in the battery box
  • The battery box provides full autonomy to V2 24V systems, day and night and even after long periods of bad weather
  • In the event of batteries being fully discharged, a quick charge is available via the additional 230V power adaptor

*Single panel setup will handle 100+ cycles per day. Additional solar panel can be installed for intensive use or in shade automations.

eco-logic Solar energy kit


Bluetooth module

bt01 Bluetooth module

Bluetooth module for managing the control unit via V2app. By inserting the module BT01 into the ADI plug of the control unit, the latter will connect to installer’s device (smartphone, tablet or PC), thanks to the bluetooth connection.


ADI module

Using CL1+ in conjunction with the software V2+ the installation data can be managed through a PC (via USB connection). Also used to block and copy programming of the control unit.

cl1-evo ADI module


Software for the management of control units

By using the V2+ software in conjunction with the CL1+ module the installer can:

  • create a database of installations data
  • create custom programming to be used during installation
  • change the configuration of the control unit connecting to the PC the CL1+ inserted on the control unit